Advanced Obedience

Is my dog ready?

If your dog has already mastered basic commands: sit, down, heel, and stay, then they are ready for Advanced Obedience.

How does training work?

Training will include 5 sessions, and each session will be an hour long. Whether we need more sessions depends on you and your dedication to doing your homework.

What can I expect from Advanced Obedience training?

We will work on redirecting your dog from undesired behaviours by marking and encouraging the desired behaviours.  Furthermore, you will teach your dog to master these advanced behaviours:

Walking Control | Control From A Distance | Off-Leash Control

What if my dog struggles?

If you and your dog need extra lessons to get through Advanced Obedience, remember not to be discouraged, as every dog is different. Together we’ll put in the extra work to master the advanced behaviors.

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